Dot 51: Reflect within yourself, and you will find a new world !

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In our daily lives, we always have our table occupied with one thing or the other. We have our plans in place, savings in bank and mind in future to make ourself happy. But just wait a minute- are we thinking too much about the future...or are we actually having the piece of mind to enjoy the present !

Lord Budda believes that one must do his activity in "Mindfullness".
Mindfullness ???
The concept is pretty simple in nature, yet powerfull in its effects. It says that- whatever you are doing, give your mind- 100% to it.

If you are eating food, just savor the taste, its aroma and its composition to enjoy the most. If you playing game- play to the full extent and give your 100%. But we are already doing this..right !

Check again, is it so ? Think for a min and then read the next lines.

If you are wondering how to achieve mindfullness, I must tell you that its most difficult to control. Even the ancient sages committed year's of ardous efforts to achieve this peace but failed to do so. However, our objective is not to gain the "transcendental" level but help improve our existing lives.

Every day, just spend 10 mins in meditation position and count your breaths till 10. Simple- isn't it !
But with one condition- if during the count, your mind looses the count, start again with 1. I bet, you will struggle for over a month to even count 10 breaths !

Dont believe it, try it !

Dot 45: Concentration and Target achievement

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There is martial art in Japan. We call it “ZEN”. In the ZEN Literature the teacher is known as “ZEN Master”. This story is also linked to the same. A very young student of martial art approached his ZEN Master. He had an eagerness know how soon he will be an expert of this martial art. He asked his master, “If I will work with full concentration how fast can I also become ZEN Master?” The ZEN Master thought for a moment as to why this boy is asking such a question and soon he understood the motive behind. He answered after a well thought, “Ten years.”

The boy thought this period is too long. There should be solution to reduce this time period. So he again asked, “ If I work very hard and try to learn very fast, then how much time will it take?” ZEN Master smiled. “Twenty years”. The boy was surprised to see the increasing period. He posed the question again with more force, “ If I really work hard, day and night, then how much time will it take?” ZEN Master became little serious and replied, “Thirty years”.

“Thirty years”. The boy got disappointed after listening to it. He asked ZEN Master, “ But sir, I fail to understand, why the time period is increasing even if I am ready to put in more hard work and effort?” Then ZEN Master replied with a smile, “ Son, your one eye is still on the achievement of the target. And you will be only working with your one eye.

If you work hard will all your concentration, the results will follow you. You have control on your actions, however results are the outcome of your action.