Dot 48: What will people say- Abraham Lincoln !

Posted by Praveen on October 16, 2013 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

There was one man in this world, who believed in all that has been said above, and who became a “lighthouse” for millions of stressful people who followed him. His name was Abraham Lincoln. His resumes is as follows:

Age.22, failed in business.

Age.23, ran for legislature and was defeated

Age 24, failed again in business.

Age.25, elected to legislature

Age 26, sweetheart died.

Age 27, had a nervous breakdown.

Age 29, defeated for speaker

Age 31, defeated for elector

Age 34, defeated for Congress.

Age 37, elected to Congress

Age 39, defeated for Congress

Age 46, defeated for Senate

Age 47, defeated for Vice president

Age 49, defeated for Senate

Age 51, elected President of the United States of America

Abraham Lincoln did not bother what people said about him when he failed. Even when he became the President, people still criticized him but instead of becoming stressful, he expressed this deathless line:

“No man is good enough to be President but someone has to be.”