Dot 54: 34 Lessons in life !

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Dot 12 - John C Hill - 35 years of experience in 3M Manufacturing, Marketing, Strategy and IT

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One day I was bit frustrated and saw a mail relating to John's retirement. I never knew John and requested for sharing his 3 most important life lessons. He was really kind and friendly to share those invaluable gems. I am copy pasting from his emails directly :  

Brief about John C. Hill:

John has 35 years of diverse experience in 3M Manufacturing, Marketing, Strategy and IT. He began his career in St. Paul in 1979 as a Pricing Analyst for Decorative Products Division and stayed with the Automotive OEM businesses for 17 years holding a variety of assignments in Manufacturing, Marketing, Strategic Planning, and finally as Automotive Group IT manager. In 1995 John joined Corporate IT as the Demand Planning Manager for the Demand Management Program. From 1998 to 2003 he lead the DM Program leaving in become the Master Black Belt for Industrial Business Supply Chain, IT, and Finance. In 2005 John returned to IT Applications leading the E1-m (J.D. Edwards) manufacturing project. Later he was manager responsible for all domestic manufacturing, engineering, planning, and sourcing applications. John finished his career on the Polaris (SAP) project first as technical development manager, then as Forecast to Schedule IT Process Lead, and finally was assigned the global Polaris IT manager for the European Center of Expertise deployment.

My 3 lessons from life ! 

" I'm sorry to hear that you are in a confused state, it sounds like you have had an excellent education and you are aware of balancing career and family priorities. I was fortunate to hire into a company as large and diverse as 3M, this allowed me to change my career and have a multitude of opportunities without leaving the company. But any success I have achieved as been build on my personal faith. You ask for 3 lessons or pieces of advice ... here you go.


  1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.
  2. Trust God in all things
  3. Live a life of honesty and integrity.


I don't claim to have lived up to this standard my entire career but they are things I strive for daily.

If you want 3 more 'secular' lessons I would offer these:


  • In situations of great stress step back and think of it as a learning opportunity. Ask why am I stressed, who is pressuring me, what happened to create this stress, how will I react the next time these things happen. You will find that times of great stress make you stronger and able to cope under pressure.


  • Build a network of work acquaintances and visit with them regularly even if only 10-20 minutes. Review past work problems and discuss various approaches on how the situations may have been handled differently.

  • Maintain active lines of communications with your immediate management; even of you don't like them. Be sure they are clear on what you are doing and why you are doing it. Visibility to management has a direct correlation on future opportunities.

  • Consider a complete career change. I have a best friend at 3M who moved from an engineering job to marketing and later strategic planning.


I hope you find some of this beneficial.



Dot 11 - My 3 lessons from Life Dots series !

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In "My 3 lessons from Life" series we interact with elders and post their 3 important learning from life. A typical Dot will begin with a brief about an individual followed by the 3 lessons of his/her life.

It is said that - Either you live your life to arrive at a conclusion or take the wisdom from elders and move ahead !

Watch out this space for more for our senior Wisdoms !