Dot 55: You make a difference !

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Watch the video and see how each of us makes a difference- somewhere in someone's life.

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Dot 52: Take care of important things in life !

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Dot 30 - Creation of Mother !

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By the time God made mothers, he was into his sixth day of working overtime. An Angel appeared and said "Why are you spending so much time on this one?"

In addition, God answered and said, “Have you seen the specification sheet on her?


She has to be completely washable, but not plastic, have 200 movable parts, all replaceable, run on black coffee and leftovers, have a lap that can hold three children at one time and that disappear when she stands up, have a kiss that can cure anything from a scraped knee to a broken heart, and have six pairs of hands." The Angel was astounded at the requirements for this one. "Six pairs of hands! No Way!" said the Angel.

God replied, "Oh, it's not the hands that are the problem, it’s the three pairs of eyes that mothers must have!" And that's just on the standard model?" the Angel asked. God nodded in agreement, "Yep, one pair of eyes are to see through the closed door as she asks her children what they are doing, even though she already knows. Another pair in the back of her head is to see what she needs to know even though no one thinks she can. And the third pair is here in the front of her head. They are for looking at an errant child and saying that she understands and loves him or her without even saying a single word."


The Angel tried to stop God. "This is too much work for one day. Wait until tomorrow to finish...” "But I can't," God protested. "I am so close to finishing this creation that is so close to my own heart. She already heals herself when she is sick and can feed a family of six on a pound of hamburger and can get a nine year old to stand in the shower!" The Angel moved closer and touched the woman. "But you have made her so soft, Lord." "She is soft", the Lord agreed, "but I have also made her tough. You have no idea what she can endure or accomplish."

"Will she be able to think?” asked the Angel. The Lord replied, "Not only will she be able to think, she will be able to reason, and negotiate." The Angel then noticed something, reached out, and touched the woman's cheek. "Oops, it looks like you have a leak with this model. I told you that you were trying to put too much into this one."


"That's not a leak", God said, "That's a tear!" "What's the tear for?" the Angel asked. God said, "The tear is her way of expressing her joy, her sorrow, her disappointment, her pain, her loneliness, her grief, and her pride." The Angel was impressed. "You are a genius, Lord. You thought of everything. WOMEN are truly amazing!"

Dot 28 - Make your decision !

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A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said "I don't think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat." "Is the man of the house home?” they asked. "No", she said. "He's out." "Then we cannot come in", they replied.

In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened. "Go tell them I am home and invite them in!" The woman went out and invited the men in.

"We do not go into a House together," they replied.

"Why is that?" she wanted to know. One of the old men explained

"His name is Wealth," he said pointing to one of his friends, and said pointing to another one,

"He is Success, and I am Love."

Then he added, "Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home."

The woman went in and told her husband what was said. Her husband was overjoyed.

"How nice!!” he said. "Since that is the case, let us invite Wealth. Let him come and fill our home with wealth!"

His wife disagreed. "My dear, why don't we invite Success?"

Their daughter-in-law was listening from the other corner of the house. She jumped in with her own suggestion

"Would it not be better to invite Love? Our home will then be filled with love!"

"Let us heed our daughter-in-law's advice," the husband said to his wife.

"Go out and invite Love to be our guest."

The woman went out and asked the 3 old men, "Which one of you is Love? Please come in and be our guest." Love got up and started walking toward the house. The other 2 also got up and followed him. Surprised, the lady asked Wealth and Success

"I only invited Love, Why are you coming in?"

The old men replied together "If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two of us would've stayed out, but since you invited Love, wherever He goes, we go with him. Wherever there is Love, there is also Wealth and Success!

Dot 16 - Say Sorry !

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Many a time in relationships, we feel that it should be the other person's responsibility to move forward and say sorry. Even if he/ she is not wrong, we hesitate in moving forward and breaking the barrier. Just because of this small issues, I have seen many great friendship breaking over a small issue.

If you make a mistake by doing or saying something that is hurtful or damaging to the relationship, say that you are sorry. Many people struggle with these words, even when they know that what they did was wrong. It actually takes a strong person to apologize. Do not wait until you think you have the courage but say it immediately, and with sincerity. Too often when couples argue, there is a long period of silence, which actually makes the anger and tension worse. You need to let your mate know immediately that you made a mistake and ask for forgiveness.

Dont Wait ! Say Sorry !

Dot 6- Be kind to everyone !

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Unbelievably, kindness is often over simplified. Even good relationships can lack acts of kindness. This refers to “Do unto others…” Simple acts of kindness can have huge impacts on a relationship. If your husband or boyfriend is out working on the car on a hot summer day, make a thermos of ice-cold tea and take it to him, giving him a gentle kiss. If your wife or girlfriend has been working at the computer all day, walk up behind her and massage her shoulders and neck.

Kindness means looking at the other person’s situation and seeing what you can do or add to that situation to make it better or easier. This is a way to validate your respect for each other. Kindness will go a long way in a relationship.

Dot 5- Make the other feel Good !

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In our lives, every moment we have a choice and its totaly up to us- how we make use of it. Take some time aside to say few things which matter the most to the other.

For the man in your life, here are some recommendations for making him feel special:

  • Flirt with him in public places
  • Lavish him with compliments
  • Tell him how imporant he is
  • Act jealous once in awhile, even if you are not
  • Remind him that he is a wonderful mate, husband, father, whichever applies
  • Tell him how handsome you find him

Just like men, woman love feeling good about themselves. These recommendations might help:

  • Tell her how beautiful she is
  • Compliment her on her many skills (be specific and genuine)
  • Tell her how much she means to you
  • Let her know that she is your best friend
  • Show affectionate to her in front of family and friends


Dot 4: Say it and Express !

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How many times do we take time to say thank you or express love to our dear ones ? Whenever we meet strangers we are filled with enthusiasm and energy but when it comes to our own family members, we take things for granted. Does it matter at all !

If you dont believe than try:


  • Saying thankyou to your father for having bought you up in such a nice manner
  • Say thankyou to your mother who was always worried about you even when you were in school
  • Say thankyou to your wife who loves you more then anyone else in the world
  • Say thankyou to your kids who always listen to what you say-irrespective of your mood.
Try any of the above and I bet, you will find tears of love.


Dot 3-Difficult times- Communicate and Understand !

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When couples are having problems in a relationship, communication is the first thing to stop. It is often easier to just be quiet than to get mad. When rebuilding relationships, just as communication was the first to stop, it now needs to be the first to start. This will require that both individuals let down their guard and pretty much throw caution to the wind. Healing in the relationship cannot start until you talk. Make an agreement that you will talk about anything and everything and that you will listen, really listen. That does not mean that you will agree with everything, which is perfectly fine. However, if you do not agree, do not yell, rather, the two of you need to calmly discuss the issue and together, work out a solution. This is hard work but within a very short time, you will both feel much better, individually and as a couple.


Difficult times- Communicate and Understand !

Dot 2-Surprise with small gifts or experiences !

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Some say its the value of gift which is important and some say its the motive behind the gift which is important. Though both are true depending upon the circumstances however I believe that celebrating small moments and creating small surprises rejuvenates your relationship.


If you and your mate have scheduled some time for a Friday night dinner, put together a surprise instead. For example, if your mate loves romantic movies, purchase the tickets ahead of time, getting the best seats possible. When Friday night comes around, insist on driving and head toward the location where the event is taking place. When asked where you are going, simply answer, “I have a surprise for you. I know you love watching romantic movies so I purchased two great seats for tonight’s performance,” or “I know we had planned on going to dinner, but I wanted to surprise you with something special. I purchased tickets to see one of your favorite movies.” The idea of you getting the tickets for something THEY like and then keeping it as a special surprise will touch the heart!


This not only sends a message that you care, but also how much you appreciate for their liking's.


Surprise and Express !