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Dot 60: The key to failure is !

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Dot 59: Jo kutch nahi karte, wo Kamal Karte hai ! Shah Rukh Khan

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A middle class Delhi boy, who lost his parents when he was young, comes along to Mumbai and ends up becoming one of the world’s famous actor- Shah Rukh Khan! It’s difficult to absorb, a boy who used to sleep on the roads of Mumbai now owns property worth 1000+ crores across world. He is a personification of someone who has made it on his own. He proves to the world that one can be very successfully without a fami...

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Dot 58: Small opportunities are often the beginning of a Great Enterprise- Kashmir Apiaries

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This is an entrepreneurial story that would give hope and confidence to any Indian who has a positive attitude and remains as busy as a bee in his chosen profession. Jagjit, an India-Pakistan refugee, who lost everything when he came to India, was wondering where to start- either to eat or look for some shelter somewhere. He mustered his courage and started with whatever came in his way. Even...

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Dot 57: Simple idea's can make a difference-

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Indians have become entrepreneurs by tutoring students in the USA through “outsourcing” which becomes gradually very difficult to stop now. In US, a private tutor charges $40-$50 per hour while Krishnan Ganesh, founder of, charges $100 a month!

No one ever had a clue that a company- started from a simple Garage in Bangalore- Ap...

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Dot 56: Even a Village boy can fly and change the destiny of Indian Air space

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When he was born in a village, rarely people thought that he would even get to sit in an airplane. No one new that from remote part of Karnataka, Wings are being made inside the young boy's mind who will eventually disrupt the Indian Airspace- Air Deccan.

Capt.G.R Gopinath, founder of Air Deccan, is the father of low cost air travel in India. He was born in a teacher's family and was second in th...

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Dot 55: You make a difference !

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Watch the video and see how each of us makes a difference- somewhere in someone's life.

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